Friday, June 03, 2011

Cooking With The Kiddos: Oriental Fish Packets

It was a night for cooking with the Daisies.  They really do love helping out in the kitchen.  They want to help almost all the time.  I usually try to come up with a task that they can do - because not all tasks are appropriate AND to be honest, sometimes I just want to quickly get it done and on the table - it is easier just to do it myself.

But, because I desire to teach my children some good cookin' skills (Dear future husbands, you will thank me for this!),  I try to let them help whenever possible.

And, when my girls help -  they play the part!!  They have a drawer that contains hats, aprons, small cooking utensils (whisk, spoon, kid knife) mits, etc.  They dive into the drawer and find a suitable outfit for the evening.

Tonight we are having "Oriental Fish Packets"

Ingredients: Tilapia Fish, EVOO, Yoshidas sauce, Rosemary Sprigs, Assorted Cut Veggies ( We had carrots, zuccchini, yellow squash, mushrooms ).
 Utensils:  Foil,  Non-stick spray, baking sheet,  and the best God given utensil: hands!!
 Tear off piece of foil and spray with non-stick spray.
 In the center of your foil sheet, place assorted veggies
 Atop the veggies:  Sprig of Rosemary and drizzle of EVOO. (salt & pepper if desired)

Place the Tiliapia fish on the top of the pile & carefully pour Yoshida's sauce over the entire thing. (Not too much).

 Pull up sides of foil and fold together, crease, and roll down.  Fold up both ends the same way to create a sealed packet. 

Write initials on each packet -- that way each kid eats their own created packet! They like to eat what they made!

Bake fish packets on 400 degree oven for at least 25-30 minutes.  Open up a packet and check for flaky fish...

Serve just as is or over some brown rice or quinoa!  Delish.

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