Thursday, June 30, 2011

The art of sticking my nose in a book


I love to read.  I also love when I have time to read.  It seems that this season in my life,  and the ages of my children - I have less time to read.  BUT,  I try to make an effort to keep reading - keep expanding my mind - keep learning - keep growing - keep dreaming.

My husband also likes to read - but his kind of reading is different.  He is one of those techie types and enjoys a book on tape (CD)... he downloads books onto his MP3 player, phone etc. and will listen to them in the car when he drives for work.   He has read many books this way...and that works for him.

I, on the other hand, like to feel the book in my hands.  The smell of pages in a book is in someway comforting.  I have an emotional attachment to the literal book...   Now, I do like to listen to sermons on tape (CD) in my car, but for some reason it is hard for me to focus when I "read"  a book on CD...I am busy going four places at once and my mind going at least 10 different places, little children asking me no doubt I miss a part of the story and have to rewind or lose my way in the story.... that just ends up aggravating me.

So, I stick with words on a page.

Reading a "real" book for me involves taking the time to STOP --leave the busy-ness behind and just soak up time to myself to expand my mind.  It is refreshing and rejuvenating for me.

 So how am I able to read when I a busy Momma of four Lil Daisies??

Here are some ways that I incorporate "reading time" into my days.

  1.  Take a bath and read a favorite book. - Candle, bubbles & a book.  Nice! (Usually done after kiddos are in bed...or sweet hubby watches them for me while I soak away)
  2. When baby is napping - I take 15 minutes to read God's Word or read part of a book that has just captured me in...I have to know what is coming next!
  3. I leave a book in the car, so that when I waiting in line  for picking up the girls at school, I have a few minutes to read a couple of pages.  (I usually have some quick learning type books for this kind of reading)
  4. When babies are in bed.  I set aside at least 30 minutes to read.  
  5. In the bathroom -- Yep.  Bathroom- a.k.a. "The Library".  Sometimes that is the only place I can sneak away to read for at least a couple of minutes.  Even if it is a favorite magazine. And - without doubt there are most times I have a little one following me right into the "Library".... I give them some little toys to play with while I do my business and read! 

What are some ways that you take time to read?
What kind of books do you enjoy reading?


  1. Susie Mimi9:22 AM

    I love the photo! I love reading too! As a child I struggled with reading, but now it's one of my favorite things to do. I usually read in the mornings with my morning coffee for about an hour. My eyes are rested and it's a good start to my day. I don't have any "little ones" at home anymore, therefore I don't have interruptions and Hubby is at work.
    I like to read my Bible and Christian novels...fiction/non-fiction and sometimes Home/Cooking magazines.

  2. Good ideas! I love to read too, and leaving a book in the car is a great idea. Most of my time comes at night after she's in bed, if I can keep my eyes open!

  3. I love my books! Lately I've been using a Kindle which is so convenient. I read during my lunch hour, while I'm resting with my feet up. Great Blog!

  4. Most of the time I end up eating lunch AFTER all my kids are fed- so assuming there isn't a baby climbing up my leg or other chaos going on, I can sometimes sit down with MY lunch and read for 15 minutes or so. I really have to get creative sneaking it in, though!

  5. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Good ideas! I hadn't thought of the car option...hmmm, good thinking! I have just started to find time while I'm waiting at the Y for ballet to be over. Otherwise, just starting to set aside some time before bed, sometimes in my comfy gliding rocker.

  6. I hear ya'. I've got six kids and the same problem. I generally have three books going at a time: one in my purse for when I'm in a waiting room or in carline to pick someone up, one at my bedside for reading a bit before turning in, and one in the family room for those times when I can sneak in a few pages when everyone is settled quietly. Like you said, you've got to make it a priority!

  7. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Sadly, I buy and borrow more books than I have time to read. My three kids are still shocked when I say I STILL haven't finished the Harry Potter Series. My kids feel sorry for me and actually bring me home books on CD so I can listen to them "when you fold our laundry." Maybe if they did their own laundry, I'd have more time to READ!


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