Monday, May 16, 2011

Quirky Inspiration

Funny how I can enter another person's home and be inspired to go home to my own and clean, organize, decorate.

It was just a few days ago, that I pondered about that.  I find myself doing that often.  I go over to people's homes and look around -- not snooping (though, I admit I have done that before).  When I am at these homes -either be in conversation with a friend, dropping in for a moment to pick something up, or spending in afternoon there - I find myself looking around at their house.  And for the most part,  I start having thoughts running through my head about ideas to do in my own home.

For example,  I had a friend that had a turquoise blue wall. I LOVED that.  So, I imagined an orange wall in my own home --my kitchen!!  Or a turquoise blue wall in my living room!

In another person's home,  I saw that she had scriptures hung in frames throughout her home.  I was inspired.

I remember going to someone's home to bring them a meal.  Their mom was there helping with laundry.  I walked in to a fresh smelling clean house.  It actually inspired and motivated me to go to my own home to try and grasp that same fresh clean smell in my house. 

And, I remember being at a friend's house that was a disaster. Laundry spilled everywhere, dirty dishes piled in the sink, cobwebs on the corners of the walls, dust built up on the ceiling fans -- This atmosphere -- made me feel so at home!   Because, I could relate to them!  And, inspired me to go clean my house too.

Funny, huh?
Well, I guess that inspiration and motivation can come from all sorts of places and situations.  Do you have any quirky ways that might inspire you?

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