Monday, November 15, 2010


Oh, how I have missed you. Writing keeps knocking on the back of my mind almost every day - and to get from there to here seems to be impossible these days.

God has been doing some overhauling in my life lately -- and several times I have debated if I should make this blog turn black. I am still debating.

I want to write and journal - but sometimes I feel like it is too much and is it worth it? What are my priorities for this blog? What is my focus of it?

So... the debate is still taking place in my mind.


Thanksgiving is soon approaching and I am really excited for this day. I feel like society rushes it by...and yet I want to hold this day special in our family's lives. It is important to remember to be thankful EVERY day and in all circumstances of the life journey we are on.... but, this special day where we come together as a family and EAT. Is truly Divine....

What are you planning for Thanksgiving?

Do you pass it by quickly and move on to Christmas now? OR Do you slow down and savor the traditions of Thanksgiving?

A sneak peak into my home in celebration of Thanksgiving.... (MORE TO COME)



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