Friday, September 03, 2010


How is it going with spending some quality fun time with your family? I hope you are able to plan a few hours to be together and create memories as a family.

It has been hard for me these past few weeks to get going on planning new and creative family fun times together because of getting into routine of back to school.

Phew! I am worn out from all the activites going on with back to school. I am ready to be settled into our routine, but I know it is not quite there yet. I am thinking it will be at least a month before we get it all together (hopefully).

So, for our Family Fun Friday we did another round of Dinner & Movie! The girls love, it was enjoyable!

We watched the classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! It was so much fun--- the girls LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the movie and have been singing the song for days sense. I absolutely love the classic musical movies like this (Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Shirley Temple, etc.)

For our Dining Delights we enjoyed an asian theme inspired meal: Lettuce Wraps, Gyoza, Sticky Rice, Egg Rolls.... with all the fun dipping sauces. Hmmmm, it was so delish!

What did you do with your family this week?

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