Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So, I have had several people ask me for my Hummus recipe.

Well, truth be told, I think I make it different EVERY time I make it. I am the type of "baker, chef" person that doesn't usually follow a recipe exactly and tends to throw in a pinch of creativity and a dash of experimentation when I cook.

This time, I decided to have a little fun with my Hummus creation by taking pictures along the way, while I experimented with my own recipe. Here is what I came up with!

Ingredients: lay them all out in cute bowls in front of you. It makes you feel more like those chefs in the TV FOOD shows. Make sure you don your favorite cutsie apron too.

To make this recipe you will need: A FOOD PROCESSOR or BLENDER...cause you don't want to mix by hand.

First up to go into the processer: 2 cups of "Chick" peas. AKA Garbanzo beans! I always wondered why they are called chickpeas? Because the "chicks" dig peace? Or because it looks like CHICKens, ahem, peas? (Okay, I won't go there)

Next, The Garlic is ready to dump in. Look at my mad mincing skills here? Yeah, pretty rough. But, really it is just going to be blended up anyway. I used about 4 cloves of garlic ( I Luuuuv me garlic) chopped with salt. You can use less if you like...or MORE? Mmm, a chef after my own heart!

Pour in some lemon juice! Fresh preferred, but you can use the green bottle too if that's all you have. 1/4 cup of lemony goodness here.

Okay, now a secret ingredient...um, well not so secret since I am telling you. Maybe I should call it my "creative" element to the recipe. Greek Yogurt! Really. I think it just adds a really nice zip and zap and pizazz to it. I am really liking Greeks these days. 1/2 cup of the Greek.

Now...really the important ingredient to Hummus. TAHINI, hini--yellow-polka-dot-bikini! Oh, I am really witty tonight,eh? Somebody help the poor girl with the-really-bright-hot-pink-take-me-back-to-the-eighties-fingernail-polish! 1/2 cup Tahini!

Now...for the FUN part. Secure the lid (remember to put in the stopper on top too, so that it doesn't go flying everywhere out it--ahem, just saying). And press "GO" --blend it baby, blend it! You may need to adjust consistency with a little H2O!

Now, two very nice pita chips ready to be devoured by my smacking lips! Mmmm.....


Now, never you mind the lady with no make-up on when she was making the hummus. But do notice the snazzy earrings instead!

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