Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have been wanting to post all week and just have not been able to get to it. I have started thoughts, scratched thoughts, but seems never able to get it down and posted.

I hope to write some of these stirring thoughts over the next few days. It seems so much is swirling in our lives. God is amazing.

However, this post is to be about FAMILY FUN!

So, let me share with you about what we did. I look forward to hearing about what you have been doing with your family.

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures taken this week for our FUN. So, you will have to bare with just the black & white text.

We had a movie night. The girls get out their little table and little chairs and place it into the living room. The arrange their spots for the usual "Movie & Dinner" spectacle.

They love this!

We had some creative soup: Ramen Noodles, with Edamame & Shrimp & Carrots. It was good. And, my kids love the inexpensive-not-so-good-for-you-but-fun- noodles!

Our movie selection? BRIDGE TO TEREBITHIA
I read this book when I was in 5th grade-- something like that. But, I totally forgot what it was about and really bummed to be reminded that it has a sad story line.
However, it was still a great movie and the girls loved it soooo much, they watched it about 3 times the next day (seriously). In fact, Lydia wanted to be called "Lezzzlie" (she emphasized the Z) for a whole day.


...they were not too happy when Papa returned the movie to Netflix. Guess what movie Sophia wants to put on her Christmas Wish List? Ha ha

We ended the evening with eating some popcorn while all smooshing on the couch after intermission of the movie and dinner was done. We watched the rest of the movie together with popcorn kernals everywhere.

Okay, what have you done as a family -- to spend time together and create memories that last a lifetime?


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  1. We usually do pizza and a movie night on Friday nights. It's a long standing tradition, and sometimes gets booted for other weekend activities, but is still hanging on. :-) We make homemade pizza together while one movie starts playing, usually something really silly, then when the pizza is done we sit down picnic style in the family room and watch the feature film. :-)


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