Monday, April 26, 2010


So, my friends -- this is the last week of our carnival. I have had some faithful readers join in on the cleaning fun. If you have commented or linked up over the last 5 weeks, I will be sure to tally your entries and choose a winner at the end of this week. I hope to announce our cleaning guru next Monday!

You have all this week to put in your last entries. Remember, you get an entry for each room/area you have cleaned!

Last week we worked on the Living Room & Family Room. How did you do?
I will admit that it was another busy week for me and I didn't get all that I wanted accomplished in the rooms. I am hoping to finish up in the next few days and take some pictures to show you. I still need to show you pictures of our bedrooms....hopefully I will get to that soon.

As you know I have been nearing the end of my pregnancy and not able to get as much accomplished as I would like. I am taking it in stride and just being content with whatever gets done for my cleaning.

I am glad that this week should be an easy week for me: finishing up last minute details in other rooms but, mostly going to concentrate on a few areas.

This week: Laundry Room, Front Porch

My Plan:

  • Sweep front porch area, Shake rug, set-out pretty flowers
  • wipe down the front door (inside & outside)
  • wipe down dryer & washer.
  • organize shelves in laundry room
  • sweep & mop floors of laundry room
  • empty garbage can & lint holder on dryer
  • take out any empty bottles

Okay -- let's get to it!


  1. After taking a week off due to a new baby, I have finally cleaned both bathrooms... top to bottom. Now let's see if I can keep on top of them now, since I can bend over and reach the tubs :)
    Susan H

  2. Josselyn8:47 PM

    gee-ma-nee....i commented on the wrong week! I posted my "today" on week four..sorry, i'm not blog savvy. :(
    Niana took a week off???!...tell that lady she deserves a month or two! Sheesh! and tubs? I'm impressed and embarrassed. My mom came over after Ruby was born and cleaned my bathroom for us! :) Love you and your family


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