Monday, April 19, 2010


Last week we combined weeks 3 & 4 and did bedrooms. How did you do?
I will admit that it was a busy week for me and I didn't get all that I wanted accomplished in the rooms. I am hoping to finish up in the next few days and take some pictures to show you.

As for this week: Living Room & Family Room

My Plan:
  • Dust
  • Vacuum floors, under & behind couches
  • wipe down window sills
  • Dust & clean entertainment center
  • organize shelves, side tables, etc.
  • baseboards (girls will get the pleasure of helping with this!)

If you one or both or another living space you will be working on -- don't forget to come back here and post what you accomplished so that you will be entered in to win the fabulous prize.

Remember what you are cleaning for?:

* TWIST Bamboo Cloth - contains three 100% Biodegradable bamboo clothes. Dusts- Polishes, All household uses! Made from Bamboo and Corn.

* Microfiber cleaning towels - contains two sunny yellow clothes

* Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Surface Wipes (Lavender Scent)

* Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All Purpose Soap Bar (Lemon Verbena Scent)

* 12 Lil Daisies Homemade Cleaner Recipe cards

* Lil Daisies Homemade Luxurious Linen scented Sachet

* Lil Daisies Wild Flower Mix for planting

* Lil Daisies "Daisy" flower mix for planting

* Meal Planning Pad (magnet)

* Lil Daisies Homemade Cleaning Apron (not shown in pic)

Is that enough to motivate you to clean at least one room in your house?

Remember you do not have to participate in every room to be entered into the challenge. Even if you clean just one room -- that gives you one entry into the prize. AND, it just may make you feel a little better to have at least one clean room done in your house...but, of course if you clean more than one room will have more entries into winning the fabulous prize!

Okay let's don our aprons and get cleaning!


  1. This is a great challenge, I will definitely be on board this week!

  2. Anonymous9:39 PM

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for putting this together to help encouarage and bless others. I just finished cleaning our one room (we are still living with my brother's family). Our one room is a bedroom for all five of us, our living room, our school room, our storage room, and even at times our bathroom and dining room. I am SO VERY thankful for all the shelves Kip put up to help me organize our little, cozy, multi. purpose room. Such a blessing!

  3. Josselyn3:07 PM

    WOW! you are super woman. just admit it. I find it a triumph when all the laundry somehow gets put away on the same day it's washed! Let alone cleaning so meticulously while 8+ months pregnant...which i'm not! Seriously you put us to shame and inspire at the same time :) I cleaned the kitchen (felt like i hadn't seen my counters in decades) between traveling and unpacking i feel like i haven't been home long enough to even consider cleaning. I think the only things that really get cleaned consistently are the bathroom and the kitchen. I fudge on everything else. :( Someday I hope to be more organized and your challenges certainly make me want to try. I've been wanting to do the room swap with our kids but we can't until deven hangs dry wall (I can't) and so.........yeah. that's it. You're uh-maz-ing!

  4. Josselyn8:34 PM, today I dusted the furniture (oh boy) the door jams (often forgotten), picture frames, the girls room (yikes) and the window sills. Swept kitchen, laundry room and wood floors. Then I moved the furniture in the front room (not the piano) and vacuumed including the ceiling (coved) for spiderwebs. After that I chiseled off foreign entities and found my counter-tops! I put the PILES of clothing away in the girls' room and found/removed what was outgrown. Made Ruby's bed (with correct blankets) which has been in disarray since a recent 5am accident a few days ago. Loaded/started the dishwasher and I'm about to attack the pile of knives, pots and other hand- wash-only items staring me down! Then my bedroom awaits. I've done our laundry but now I can't see the top of the dresser :( All I can say is that at least the bed is made, right? Thank you for your inspiration!


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