Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I decided that I was going to take a nice hot relaxing bath so that I could help my body settle down from the day and also in hopes it would help settle some heartburn.

I look into my towel cupboard in hopes to find some sort of smelly good bath flavor.... well, I found some organic mint bath salts --the only other thing I could find was some Aveeno anti-itching bath powder for bites, poison ivy, hives, etc. I don't think I really needed that....so, I opted for the minty bath salts.

I pour it into the bath water and out comes minty bath salts and bark...what?? bark?? Now, there is floating bark all over my bath water. Well, I figure it must be organic, natural and do something good for me, so I went into my time of soaking and relaxing.

It was a pleasant bath for the most part -- as long I didn't imagine soaking in a pond or river! I emptied the bath water. The water disappeared nicely down the drain...but that minty bark...it was STILL there -- ALL OVER MY TUB!

I tried the shower to rinse it off, but seriously this bark was not going away. So with a prego belly, heartburn, and baby knee somewhere in my right rib, there was not a chance I was going to be able to scrub my tub.

And, when "nesting" settles in...( I want things clean!) A minty bark covered bath tub is NOT my ideal. So what is this bulging belly mama to do? RECRUIT!!

That is what I did....I waited until the morning (which was hard to do-- I think I dreamed of bark) and recruited my little daisy to scrub the tub -- what more fun than to climb into the tub in a swimsuit (or bare birthday suit) with a spray bottle and sponge in hand?

I have such great little helpers. But, let's just say...I am not into using the Organic Minty Bark Bath Salts again...

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