Friday, February 19, 2010

Ride On!

A little bit of sunshine after days of rain makes a great day for learning to ride a bike without training wheels!

Running into the house with a big toothless grin, Sophia runs to tell me, "She did it, She did it! Lydia has rode her bike without training wheels!"
I put up my messy deranged hairdo into a buntail and then grabbed my camera to go outside to record this lifetime event for Lydia.

As a mom, these are moments that you just cherish as parent -- to see your child take a next step in life --learning to ride a bike! It is also a time where memories just flood in from your own childhood. Memories of when you first learned to ride a bike and all the experience and fun times you had riding your banana seat bike down the gravely driveway. wasn't just enough to have one child ride her bike today. Sophia had a "new" bike that Papa bought for her a little while ago. He found it at a yard sale for only $10. It only needed some new tubes put into the tires. (The bike that Lydia was riding was a hand-me-down from Sophia and Papa had bought that bike at a yard sale for only $2!! Great deals -- My husband is quite the bargain shopper!)

Sophia, Lydia, and Papa took a trip down to the local Walmart and found some new tubes for Sophia's bike. Sophia was getting her mind set to ride her bike too.

Soon enough, Sophia came running back into the house with her toothless grin, this time sporting a jumping up and down motion --She road her bike all by herself around the whole block!

So, yep I went out to record the miraculous riding of Sophia. I call it miraculous because Sophia has taken quite awhile to just get on her bike. She is a very cautious child and has many fears of falling, hurting herself, etc. So, she rarely tries things in fear that it will be the death for her.
Of course, it works wonders when your younger sister starts to ride her bike first -- an incentive that "maybe I CAN do this??" sets in her mind and she gives it a try!

Now, of course if our two year old Rosi started to get on her bike and ride around...that would truly be a miraculous day! But, instead she put her baby on the tricycle and was content to get her baby settled onto the bike with pillows and blankies.

It was definitely an exciting day of riding into the next stage of their little lives!


  1. Good job Lydia!! My daughter says the dresses are beautiful, your daughters seem princesses with their dresses. And she protests, because when we're going to ride on bike, we always wear long trousers ;-)
    BICOS. Betty

  2. Ha ha! Betty -- your daughter is too sweet! You can tell her that they actually wear trousers too! It was just a special day and they had a treat of wearing their pretty dresses that day -- but, usually they are required to wear trousers and their helmet!!


  3. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Wow! This is fabulous, your girls are soo beautiful....I have so much respect for simple, God abiding parents like yourself. Please keep blogging and inspire others, all the best wishes for all the future.



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