Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pity Party -- You are invited, Please RSVP

Okay it has started and I have about 4 months left before I can drink a glass of water again without feeling the pain...


What can I do about it? Not eat? Well, that is not an option...because, uh, I have to eat. But, I tell you even drinking water makes me burn.

Yes, I am complaining. Yes, I am having a pity party....even if I am the only one who RSVP to this is still a party where I am showering myself in pity.

What could bring about such a crazy idea?

Um, I am pregnant. Nuff said for why....

I can feel that burning sensation inside me, and it's really so distracting.

I have no appetite to eat anything. Annoying burning sensation in the chest and throat with some sour and acidic taste in my mouth....

So, if you are pregnant and want to join in the pity party...or maybe just a mom that needs to have some pity showered on them because potty training a two year is just about as debilitating, or your throat is sore from yelling at the kids all day and your head hurts from high pitch shrieking noises...join in the, uh, fun?

Oh, I hate peeing all the time too...

I’m suffering from debilitating mood swings. I really do like being pregnant. I really do like my kids. I really do not yell at my kids all day long. But, potty training is not fun for me, no matter what and I will still have a pity party for that any day of the year.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry...Try Melaleuca's Calmicid... I love that. But when I was pregnant with my kids, I had to do the baking soda and water remedy...I honestly can't tell you what it is now...need to google it. But it did work, and I hated it!

    Oh, and I'm RSVPing!!!

  2. Oh I want to join! I don't have the heartburn so bad, but this time I have major gas issues. There are so many foods that I eat that bloat me and make me feel so uncomfortable. I complain a lot about it and now don't want to eat much for fear that it will upset me.
    As for the pt, we got Micah trained a few months ago, but I have to give Aaron the credit for it. I was horrible at doing it. I have been yelling at my kids way too much the last few days and have been going nuts. I cried all morning because I lost something and have felt sorry myself a lot lately, too. I feel your pain, so this is my rsvp. :)

  3. Okay Laura, I'm joining this pity party. Here's the funny thing. It's not because I'm pregnant. No. Just the opposite. I just had a hysterectomy and ever since my surgery - now 1 month ago - INDIGESTION is ever present. I have no idea why! It gets a little discouraging though when everyone around me is eating yummy food and I'm eating applesauce. Someone call the WHAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMbulance!

  4. Yes, of course you can join the party...whatever you want pity for you can come! =)

    We all need each other for support!


  5. Laura,I hope you are better soon! You can try with raw potato juice,I can´t explain their properties well (in English) but, maybe this link will be useful for you

    BICOS. Betty

  6. Thanks Betty...I will try anything (almost anything) - I will check out the site and read about it!

    Sounds interesting!



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