Monday, December 28, 2009


Hope you had a Merry Christmas! At the Lil' Daisies was a nice Christmas at home. I had a nice day at home with our family:


Hashbrown Casserole, Monkey Bread, Egg Scramble, Orange Juice, and Mimosas!

***FINALLY started opening presents around 10:30am --

and finished around 2pm!

THE BEST PRESENT was watching the girls opening a package wrapped and wrapped a thousand times to announce the gender of our next baby due in May 2010!!


***Afternoon of Snacks, Naps, Walks, Face Painting....

Homemade Pasta w/ shrimp, Homemade Polenta w/ sausage & roasted red pepper sauce, asparagus w/ parmesean, veggie meatballs, Ric's homemade bread, and a green salad with figs! Can we say DELICIOUS!!

***Evening spent watching a movie and relaxing..... Besides my feet hurting because I was standing up all day cooking, I have to say it was a blessed day.

Memorable Moments:

SOPHIA was able to adapt at not being afraid of a little dog. She did really well with Auntie Suzy's Dog "Mollie"
Favorite Christmas Present: MP3 player and homemade matching Madame Alexander doll clothes.
Created a homemade "book" story for her Grandma.

LYDIA "Did I want this? I don't remember it being on my list?"
Lydia cries buckets of tears when she finds out that baby is going to be another girl. She had been praying for a baby brother.
Lydia sick with flu during Christmas Eve....

goes potty!!!
wanted to unwrap ALL the gifts and made many attempts to do so...


  1. Wooo-hoo!!! Congratulations!!! Happy New year! BICOS
    P.S. /What is "Monkey bread" (Maybe Banana bread?)?
    And I think that the best friend of a pregnant woman ... Is a good nap! In Spanish SIESTA

  2. Congratulations! You 2 sure know how to make girls, huh? I might ask you for pointers when we decide for round 2! ;)

    Looks like a very Merry Christmas. Except poor Lydia.

    I know next year we will have to contain Steiger some how... he even liked unwrapping this year!


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