Saturday, September 05, 2009


What I am reading:
I am so thankful I have made or have time to read more often. I really enjoy it and get carried away in my books. Sometimes I probably get too carried away where I want to read just one more page....and I stay up until the wee hours of night/morning reading.
I actually have several books by my bed. As of late, I have been reading the last of the Blessing Series by Lauraine Snelling. It is a historical fiction....and romantic of course!

Rebecca's Reward

What I am watching:
I think God has created better habits for me as in way of watching Television. In all honesty, I used to watch more T.V. than I really should. But, in the last couple of years God has changed my heart and I don't watch much TV at all. Especially during the daytime, I don't watch it. Some nights you will find me watching either one or two shows or a movie. But, this is more rare. Most of the time I am probably spending way too much time on Facebook or reading a book. My husband calls me FACEBOOK freak....because I am either on the computer playing with Facebook or literally putting my face in a book. LOL

PBS Create TV

Robin Hood Season 1 and Season 2

Ric and I have been renting these through Netflix. I am addicted. I wish that I had cable sometimes so that I could watch them...but, then I realize saving money and not getting hooked to TV is more important. But, they are good.


  1. I'm bookless right now, which is a not so good position to be in. I need some more books! Guess I'll reread some of my favorites.

  2. Wow... Teri, you read so fast. You should join a, you can check out some more books.

    <3 Bella


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