Thursday, July 02, 2009

Laundry List

Here at Lil' Daisies has been full of adventures and traveling! I will be sure to post some pics of our fun times and share stories too--- as soon as I can get a breathe in. As comes with anytime that I am in and out from home --there comes the aftermath --a time to pick of the pieces. So I have some details to get in order here at home before I can share with y'all our fun adventures!

My Laundry List:

* Put away clothes from traveling and wash clothes
* Put away camping equipment
* Put away clutter from all over the house
* Sort through toybox (it is overflowing!)
* Deep Cleaning
* Organize Meals for friend who just had their baby
* Organize a going away party for friends leaving town

1 comment:

  1. Hi Laura,

    Finally got to catch up a bit on your blog . . . so fun and encouraging! Glad to see that you are all doing well. Can't wait to see the next post.

    Love to all, Carrie and family


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