Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anniversary Trip

Ric and I were able to celebrate our tenth anniversary in June. It was wonderful! We decided to go to the Oregon coast. Florence, Oregon was suggested by an acquaintance...and we are so glad that we followed her suggestion!

We had lunch her at this brewery pub in Roseburg. Ric enjoyed a brew and I enjoyed a water. Ha ha. I saved my drink for later.

We saved some room for ice-cream at Rice Hill....however, I don't think you can save enough for ice-cream. I ordered on scoop of ice-cream and it was HUGE. One scoop looks like about 2-3 scoops. I didn't finish it all.

A little wine tasting. We ended up going to 5 wineries during the entire duration of our trip. We got what they call a wine passport. At every winery that you stop at they will mark your passport with their personal stamp. At the 5th winery -- you get a picture of their winery. Kind of a fun thing to do. We got our picture!

We tent camped. Ric had a sweet set-up. We had two cots put together with a mattress on top and then our sleeping bags. It was VERY comfortable. Me likes comfy tent camping!

....and made pockets our first night. We cut up the veggies ahead of time...and the placed in the foil with some terryaki sauce. Pretty tasty.

Lighthouse --- We visited the Heceta Lighthouse. It was a beautiful walk up a trail to get to the lighthouse. We then had a little private tour of it. I love history and I love lighthouses --so this was a treat to go and see.

For lunch this day we went to a cute little restaurant in a nearby town. I had open face fresh crab sammies and an Italian soda!

That evening we ate a recommended restaurant in town. We were going to put in reservations, but didn't and we really should have. It is a small restaurant bar. But, we ended up sitting at the bar and that ended up being a lot of fun. The bar tenders were fabulous fun and gave me few fun drinks. I learned that I like mojitos!

The next morning we made scramble hash with our leftovers from the other night. I cut up some fruit too and made a fruit salad to enjoy with our hash.

We took a trip in to the little town of Florence and savored some coffee at a local roaster. It was delish and very cute surroundings.

So...that is a short version of our anniversary time. I feel like it is a dream already. I had such a great time with my best friend and I look forward to having many more dates with him like this soon.


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun! We will be celebrating our anniversary in a few months and have NO idea what we will be doing yet. Glad that you had such a great time with your best friend!

  2. tammy5:00 PM

    YAY! looks like you guys had a great time and LOVE the bed set up!! ;) With a bed set up like that.. .I just MIGHT try camping someday! LOL


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