Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Piggy Party!

So...this is what many have been waiting for: A Peak into the Piggy Party! It was a HOG wild time! Lydia really had a fabulous day. Enjoy our reading and looking through our Piggy Birthday Party Day! FUN!

The Piggy Bank Craft Project
This was a great hit! Each child was able to decorate their own piggy bank using ceramic paint pens (which I LOVE!) and stickers. Then they had a cute piggy bank to take home with them. One little boy spent almost the whole time painting his bank...he was sooo into it. Fun and cute!

Paint Your Piggies!!
We had lots of beautiful painted toes and fingers...even some of the boys had their own done in GREEN or BLUE!!

The Three Little Pigs Acting Story
What better way to celebrate pigs than to act out the classic story of The Three Little Pigs. It was fun and creative. Everyone could take part that wanted too (of course they all want to be the Big Bad Wolf or one of the Three Pigs) by being a straw, stick, or brick house or one of the main characters. My mom read the story out loud and each character did their part...the main characters even had lines. "Who is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

Pin the Curly Tail on Nellie
Isn't she cute? Yes, I drew and painted her. A homemade project. I used pink curling ribbon for the tails and stuck them on with sticky tabs (the tabs had their names written on it).

Piggy Hunt: You must wear a snout to participate!
This was fun too. While all the kids were playing and getting their snouts and bags ready---several helpers and I quickly put out prizes around the yard...some of the prizes included money to put in their piggy banks!! Once everyone was set with a snout and a bag..."On your mark, get snout..HUNT!

Now...if you are going to have a piggy party...what would be a piggy party without the mud?? Right? Well, for those that would venture into it, had a lot of fun...though, I think some didn't like mud being thrown at them, but still wanted to throw mud on others (That would be the birthday girl!)

Piggy Cake: Lydia named him Wilbur
Yes, my friends --- I even made this little friend too! I was very pleased with the turn-out of the cake ( I was really nervous for awhile as to how this little pig would turn out)! Wilbur was the hit of the party too. And, of course how am I going to cut up Wilbur? We did. We sliced off his head and had brain surgery!!
The cake was a coconut pink flavored cake. The frosting is fondant.

The Menu for our Piggy Party! Piggy's in a blanket, Curly Tails (Cheetos), Pig "Ears" (Potato Chips), Pink Piggy Juice (Pink Lemonade), Piggy's Veggies, SLOP! (Pudding w/ mini marshmallows & gummy worms), watermelon

Present Time
This took a little while...but, she had fun opening all her sweet gifts. A favorite was a pig that made sounds named Albert. Another favorite was a doll named Heather who tells of the weather. I didn't get a picture of this. And, of course money....

(Rosi -- playing with Lydia's new pig Arnold!)

A Happy Piggy Birthday Party Lydia!!


  1. Susie Mimi11:33 AM

    What a fun party! Your girls are blessed to have a "Fun Momma" like you.

  2. I can't believe that cake you made, Laura. And then cutting it up too. Must have been quite a moment. You went all out my dear. Thanks for the photos and descriptions.

  3. Laura you are an artist! BICOS So fun and cute party!

  4. None of the photos are loading :(


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