Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today she turned four. She chose corn on the cob, hot dogs without a bun, and strawberries from her Poppy's garden for her birthday dinner. Lydia still loves to sing songs and skip wherever she goes. She is strong. Strong in her will and strong in her little muscles. She tends to beat up her big sister and pick up and drag her little sister. If she has something on her mind --- she is determined to do it. Her favorite thing to do is play outside with the worms and dirt. She loves the garden and eats the strawberries. Though, in an instant you can see her playing mama to one of her babies. Lydia has the volume level of loud and bubbly...there is no other volume level set on her vocal chords. Everything she does is loud. She loves for her Papa to pick her up and throw her in the air. I still love that she asks to be held "Uppy"....and cupcake is still "Pupcake". She loves animals. She chases after dogs just to pet them (but, always asks the owner first). She sings Opera to the birds outside (amazingly they sing back). Her favorite shoes are red sparkly glitter shoes that she got for Halloween last year. She still wears them and most of the glitter has come off of the toes and there are holes in them....but, she is determined to squeeze into them. If she is not wearing her "Red Dorothy shoes", then she is either wearing two mismatched shoes on opposite feet or boots with a dress. Speaking of dress---that is all she likes to wear. She wants to wear dresses everyday. No exceptions. She has always had a knack for getting into things that she shouldn't be: motorcycle grease, laundry detergent, infant tylenol, dirt and mud, the flowers in the yard, paint, the list goes on.... and mostly everything she does is messy: Eating, Painting, Playing...
To describe Lydia in adjectives: Bubbly, Energetic, Carefree, Athletic, Outgoing, Happy, Jumping, Curious, Loud, and Sweet.

I love this child. She has stretched me in so many directions as a Mother and has taught me many things in raising children. She is my wild girl...and I love that she is wild and full of personality. Truly, there is not a dull moment with this I am blessed.

I love you, Lydia.


  1. SO sweet... made me cry! :) How is it that our babies are growing up so fast?? Happy Birhday Lydia!!

  2. Beautiful post about you beautiful girl. What a lovely way to mark this day. Nice photos too-a real treasure! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very nice. Happy Bday Curly!

  4. Susie Mimi7:58 AM

    Lydia is such a joy! Never a dull moment with her. I thank God for her and am blessed to be her Grandmother, "Mimi". We enjoyed celebrating her birthday!

  5. I'm blessed to be her Grandma too!
    Happy Birthday to the sweetest little 4 year old!

  6. Lydia sounds like a good match for my middle child :) Maybe BTW you don't look a day older than when I last saw you in college! Amazing!

  7. Happy, happy "belated" birthday Lydia!! I'm glad that you had a fun birthday.


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