Thursday, June 04, 2009

Create in Me A Clean Heart A Little Bit at A Time

Create in Me a Clean Heart Little Bit at a

I hate to admit that I have been a Mom who has used the "ol' boob tube" for a source of entertainment. Adjusting to having three little girls was/is a challenge for me. It was all I could do to get a moment's peace, less alone a shower or teeth brushed. I know!


My creative juices have resorted their way back into our home, and I am happy to say that we are stretching our way from the tube and into more fun adventures.

Here are some of my ideas---that seems to be working well so far for us. I have kind of split things up into "TIME"...

Activity Time: I wrote activities on 3x5 cards, such as Cooking, Painting, Watercolor, Beading, Bean Bags & Hopscotch, Sewing, Taking Pictures, Chalk on Black Construction Paper, Board Games, Puzzles, Dancing, Puppets, etc. (I even had the girls come up with their own ideas of activities!). We put all the cards in a box and we choose 4 activities that we will do that week. Some of the activities are all ready put together inside an "Activity Bag". Grab and Go for it!
We do the activity an hour or two each day.

The rest of the TIME is free play, dress-up, OUTSIDE TIME (sprinklers), BOOK TIME(reading for 20-30 minutes---we even read outside on picnic blankets), etc.

CLEAN TIME! Yes, we make time for learning how to clean in a creative fashion! The girls LOVE using a spray bottle of water and a little of vinegar and drop of lavender oil to spray on the sliding glass doors. Squirting is fun! We build towers of folded towels. Sock Matching Game! Singing while we put away the dishes. Dress up like Cinderella and sweep the floors. Believe it or not cleaning can be fun....and we can be creative with it. I know I have to be in order to get it done. :-) I am hoping to finally show you the "chore" charts that I made and I will explain how that is planning to work for us too.

So...Yes, we still watch some Cyber Chase and Super Why...A little TV TIME....but, we are using our imaginations galore too in Activity Time and Clean Time and this Time and that Time get the point!

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