Friday, May 08, 2009

Trader Joes

May 1st was not only May Day---but here where I live it was the amazing opening day of------

I absolutely love Trader Joes. When we lived in the Bay Area, I shopped there all the time. When we moved away, we moved to a place that didn't have my favorite store. I was saddened for 3 years....and I would stock up every time I came near a Trader Joes store (the closest store to us was about 1.5 hours away).

So...this day marked history for us and made me ever so happy! Rosi and I were there right at the opening --9am. There were people dressed in hula skirts dancing (though it was very chilly that day..brrr for them!), BBQ, and lots of people. Rosi was a trooper and loved seeing everyone there....she was a spotlight to the little ol' ladies. And, of course that would be my cue to scoot around them and grab something off the shelf while Rosi was being entertained.
So in honor of opening day, I bought "Two Buck Chuck" to celebrate!

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  1. tammy6:36 PM

    YAY! Love the post AND the new pics at the top of the page!!! I always love reading and hearing about your adventures! :)


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