Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time of Solitude

Last weekend I packed up the car with a HUGE load of laundry, backpack of essentials, journal, Bible, and Rosi. I took a "get away" road trip about 2 hours north to my parent's house.

I knew I needed time to relax, rejuevenate my spirit, pray, listen, worship ---a time of solitude and loving from the Lord.

I took Rosi with me because she is not old enough yet to be left without me (I am still nursing). Plus, I think Ric had his hands full with the other two girls. Ric, by the way, was a HUGE blessing to me. He graciously let me go and have this time. He told me, "Take your time." I think he knew and understood how precious time it was for me to dwell in the midst of my Father. Thank you my love!

My mom also was gracious and welcoming to me. She watched Rosi for me hours upon hours, so that I could have quiet restful time. She also made me some homemade comfort food" Campfire Stew and Bisquits. Hmmm! This was perfect! It brought back so many memories of my childhood when we would eat this. I loved reviving those memories.

The sunshine was beautiful on Saturday. I sat on the porch with my crocheted blanket, water bottle, journal, books, and Bible. I soaked in the warmth of the Son!

Here are two verses that were spoken to me that I really held on to over the weekend. I love how God gives you exactly what you need to hear --if we only listen.

Give me victory and be my shield. Guard my course and protect my way.
~ written in prayer form from Proverbs 2:7-8

Let me dwell in the shelter of the Most High and rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Be my refuge, my fortress, my covering, my shield. Do not let me fear the terror of the night, nor any type of plague or sickness. Do not let any harm or disaster come near me or my family. Command your angels to guard me in all my ways and keep me from hurting myself. When I call, answer me. Be with me in trouble; deliver me and honor me. Satisfy me with long life and show me your salvation.
~ written in prayer form from Psalm 91

These verses speak to me about my relationship with the Lord right now. Though, I am struggling through the battle with Crohn's disease and feeling frustrated because of it, I have a Father Who is bigger than all of it---and yet He is my shield, my Healer, my fortress in this time of need. My desire is to DWELL in His shelter and be comforted by His hand.

This time of solitude is what I needed. Everyday we need to have time to rest in the Lord, and being a mother makes it difficult at times (but that is no excuse)...however, there are times where we just need to really get away for awhile and dwell in the midst of the Almighty. I am so thankful for this time and I give Praise, Honor, and Glory to God for holding me in His arms and speaking to me!

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  1. so amazing how when we slow down and listen, we hear God speaking to us so clearly. Now if we could only figure out a way to do this on a daily basis...
    I am SO happy that you were able to have this time away! It is so great to see you smiling and laughing and jkoking around again! :) ahhh, the joy of the Lord! :)


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