Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For a special "Girl's Day Out", I took Sophia and Lydia off to the movies! They LOVE going to the big movie house. It is a special treat, because we rarely go there (mainly it is too expensive).
But, with the Hannah Montana movie coming out and a chance to spoil them a bit, I thought it would be a fun afternoon adventure for us.

The girls had gathered about 6 pieces of candy from their bags they recieved from previous birthday parties (therefore, I did not need to buy expensive sweet stuff from the movie theater). I put their chosen candy treasures inside two different pockets in my purse.

We got our tickets. HUGE popcorn and soda drink. Booster seats.


sipping on soda and crunching on popcorn

1st piece of candy

movie starts

1/2 way through the movie: 2 more pieces of candy, lots more popcorn and sipping soda

(spoiled fun)

Little did I realize that one of the pieces of candy that Lydia chose was gum, because soon she began to complain about gum was sticking on her hands.

What? Gum?

Well, I thought it is probably okay if it is just on her fingers, right? That could be remedied. Nope, this is LYDIA we are talking about here folks.

Sigh. Lydia had gum on her fingers, legs, mouth, and the seat. A huge clump on the theater seat. I am surprised she did not get any gum in her hair.
How in the world did that happen? How much gum did she have?

So, in the midst of the most important part of the movie (Sophia's eyes glued to the screen), I took Lydia to the bathroom to try and wash up. I, of course suggest that she go potty too, but no she "didn't have to go", but rather just wanted to get the gum off of herself.

And, wouldn't you know....there are NO paper towels in the bathroom? Just those air dryers! Really.

So, we get off what we could--which there was still a lot left on her legs. We get back to our seats...and Lydia wants to sit on my lap. (Yep, I somehow got gum on me too).


In a small quiet voice (no not really---Lydia only has one volume level to her voice --LOUD)
"Mommy, I need to go potty!"

What? We were JUST THERE!


We rush back to the bathroom (Sophia's eyes still glued to the screen)
We rush back out of the bathroom with Lydia's dress tucked into her panties....oh, dear!

I am still not sure about what to do with the seat. I keep thinking about it for the rest of the movie. I try to get it off with a napkin and it ends up just sticking to the napkin. So, I wad up the rest of the napkin and leave it there.

I confess...I didn't say anything to the movie people. I left the wadded napkin to the seat (with the booster seat on top)....I know. Guilty. Shameless. But, really I just wanted to get out of there after that.

We finally finish our movie and head for home --where I hope to take a nap. But, not after I drag the girls out of the theater --because they want to buy Hannah Montana stickers that cost .50 cents from the coin vending machines. (NO! --I am not paying for that--I draw the line there. I tell them we could buy a pack of gum at the store for that amount of money.)

AHEM! Did I just mention GUM...what am thinking?


  1. I had to giggle reading your story. It is such a MOM story. No one can be prepared enough for that situation. It reminded me of the "Jon and Kate plus 8" episode where I think her sister gave the kids gum. She went crazy too trying to get everything clean. I don't think you ever get completely clean after that! Good for you for keeping a positive attitude and not blowing up at the situation.

  2. Sandi1:14 PM

    Well, darlin, my reaction is always "did you learn anything?" I am sure you learned several things from this episode of life with Lydia. You must always insist about the potty, even when the answer is 'no'. she has to try, just for mommy. Secondly, gotta take a good look at collection of 'candy' beforehand. Now don't worry about the theater seat too much. It is unfortunate but they deal with that sort of thing all the time. It might've prevented someone else from the mess if you'd shared the info, but at least you put a paper napkin over it. Next time if you are rift with embarrassment, find a teenaged boy who works there cleaning up between showings and tell him. He won't make a big deal outta it and you will feel better. Did you get her all cleaned up between vegetable oil and peanut butter!? Bless your heart. Hope Hannah was worth it!!

  3. tammy1:39 PM

    LOL, I have been waiting AND waiting for the story to be told! LOL too funny! this is definitnly one to remember! Gum and Lydia... that can never be a good combo! Glad you survived and can share your hard earned "wisdom" with us!! ;)

  4. LOL!! I love your story! I hope we get to meet your girls some day - they sound like they are so much fun! did I ever tell you that if Josiah was a girl he would have been a "Lydia"?

  5. Sandi -- the gum stuck to her legs for several was a light reminder of how we keep gum in our mouth! It finally wore off after a few baths!

    Tara -- come on up and stay with us! I am sure if you had a Lydia she would be a bundle of joy and stories! Mine sure has.


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