Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Tree Hunt

We packed Hot Cocoa, Homemade Chili, Crusty Bread, Cheese, Cookies, Warm Hats, Cozy Coats, Gloves, and Boots.... we were set for our tree hunt adventure.

The weather was sunny and cool with clear blue skies. Beautiful.

We arrived at the Forest Service Station to obtain our permit for cutting the tree. We also made last minute potty time. However, they only have the Big Blue out houses (of which I really, really do not like to use--I think I have some sort of phobia. I will hold it to find something more suitable). But, my girls were to go potty, so that we didn't have any sort of accidents while tree hunting. I had to be brave and take them into the Blue Boxes. Sophia did not want to go, but I said I would go too. So, I had suck in my phobia and do it. Thank you Lord for making them clean.

Off into the deep forest to find our tree. We traveled on a dirt logging road for a bit. When we arrived, it was so warm. There was no snow. It was kind of a weird feeling to be tree hunting and feeling like it was Springtime.

We ventured through a ton of Manzanita bushes. Can I tell you that it is quite a trek for a 3 foot little girl to trample through. They were troopers (mostly). We saw one tree...but, it was not "standing" out to me.

So, we started to head back to our van without a tree to the base camp of our friends (who had campstoves, chairs, hotdogs grillin, etc. ) On our way back, I decided to go just a little different route. And, then I found the tree.

We love it! It is a beautiful tree. Even our neighbors have Tree envy.

We plan to decorate it soon. I just need to get my house straightened up before we bring out all the bins of Christmas joy. Oh, soon we will have Christmas music playing abundantly and scented candles burning, hot cider brimming, and our tree trimming.

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  1. that's so neat! we have to do the fake tree b/c of Luke's asthma and allergies.


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