Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I just put Rosi down for her morning nap ---I looked at her head resting down on her pillow peacefully. I desperately wanted to be in her place right then. All snuggled down into the softness of my pillow, cool sheets on my toes, warm blanket on my shoulders....and just drift off to a peaceful sleep. Hmmmm.


I have a lot to do today in the way of preparing for tomorrow.

  1. Load Dishwasher
  2. Clear and wipe down Kitchen counters
  3. Bake Pies
  4. Finish Laundry ---wash, dry, fold, put away (This should be considered four tasks...not just one...anyhow)
  5. Prep all ingredient for Salad
  6. Sweep floors
  7. Motivate dear children to clean their room
  8. Make List of things to bring
  9. Pack
  10. Take a shower (That makes sense for a mom to put this item of agenda near the end of her list...huh?)
  11. Prep for dinner tonight
  12. Pick up clutter around the house.
  13. Vacuum
  14. Eat
  15. Put Gas in the Van
  16. Find out where to drop off Operation Christmas Child boxes
Sigh. That pillow is really looking inviting right now.

1 comment:

  1. I know it is hard to shut that off and just enjoy our kids. It was so much easier with one. You can always takle that stuff the next day. Easier said than done I'm sure.


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