Monday, November 24, 2008

Im not sure how to title this post...

Odd things make me laugh. Circumstances out of the ordinary. Out of the realms of the norm. These type of things can make me just have to giggle.

So...we were headed home from a short vacation. And of course, out in the middle of nowhere, Lydia announces she has to go Poo poo. If it were a time to pee, we would just pull over and let her pee on the dirt or gravel on the road (Yes, we have done this before). Bathroom agenda #2 is a different story. Thankfully, we found ourselves about 3 miles away from a small town. We told Lydia to hold it.

We head in the direction towards the town to find a gas station. Ric does the fatherly duty and takes Lydia inside to do her duty. Ric comes out and now it is Sophia's turn, because now she has to go too (of course).

I wait outside with the other girls. I am trying to relax because I am cranky, tired, sick, etc.


A gold van pulls up next to us. I look over and out of the driver's window crawls a white parrot. The parrot goes up on to the roof with ease, like she has done this many times. The driver is a spunky old lady. She gets out of her gold van with spiky white hair and wearing mismatching sweats, carrying a big bright red purse/bag. I kid you not.

While she is in the gas station, the bird is happily playing on the roof of her van. I had to take a picture because it was hysterical. I could not believe my eyes.

But then it gets better.

Ric comes out with Sophia and they notice the bird. "Look Mommy!"

As Ric finishes helping girls buckle up while they are fascinating over the bird as well (talking to the bird), I snap a few pics. Ric walks to his door and the bird says, " I like your nice car!"

Ric shockingly says"Yah, you have a nice car too"

Me: "Did that bird just say "You have a nice car?"

Ric: "I think so."

Oh, we laughed. God knows how to bring in a bit of humor to my cranky morning....a little oddness to my day. A car complimenting white parrot atop a gold van owned by a crazy spiked hair lady.


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  1. that is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!


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