Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sew Fun Bags

I told you earlier that I had been doing some sewing. Thought I would share a few little items I had been working on.


I made a bag for Sophia awhile ago from scraps of material that I had lying around. She uses it as her Awana bag to carry her book, Bible, and bucks. It was also my first attempt at the bag...and although it is cute, it is a bit scrappy. So, I did not take a picture of it.

Lydia wanted to have her own bag too. Because, you know how it is between sisters --- if one has something the other has gots ta have it too! Plus, every girl needs a bag, right?!
Lydia wanted a big bag. Every time I sat down to sew something, she would ask if that was her bag. I finally whipped one out for her.

Our conversation as I was making it:
"Mom. I want a BIG bag!"
"This is a big bag"
"No, a HUGE bag. Like this (stretches her arms out real big)"
"What do you want? A sleeping bag?"
"No, a big bag to keep all my doggies in!"
"Well, this is a big bag. It is bigger than Sophia's bag"

To this answer she was content, because all be it was bigger than Sophia's bag. What a little competitive little booger.
Here is Lydia fashioning her new BIG, HUGE bag!

And, then I decided to whip out a few more bags for a few of Sophia's friends that were celebrating birthdays. I made the bags and then we filled them with girly things, like hairbrushes, gum, "make-up", lip gloss, hair-ties, notebooks & pens.

It was fun and I thought to be a clever gift idea (also very inexpensive). Enjoy.


  1. really cute bags. I'd love to find out how you make them. I'm not good at sewing, The most I've done that was presentable were pillows and that was even questionable by some. So if you have sewing for dummies hints I'm all ears.
    By the way your daughters are beautiful. But why shouldn't they, look at their Mother.

  2. So clever and good use of your homemaking skills! I'm proud of you. Tell Lydi she looks great with her bag :)

  3. really cute! great idea

  4. ´Dahiala loves Lydia´s big PINK bag; She says that you are a wonderful Mamy cause you draw ( fairy and fairy-frogs) and you sing and of course you make PINK bags!
    I must learn to draw and sew...

  5. What a great idea and so cute! I'll have to remember this idea for when I actually have TIME on my hands!

  6. Ok, you may take a break for Rosi's party. Tell her we say Happy Birthday. But when you come back I've gotta have directions on those bags..


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