Monday, September 08, 2008

You never knew

....that I could be a model! :-) Especially before even starting on my diet to lose all this extra baggage I am carrying around my hips, stomach, arms, big toe! (No, the baggage is not Rosi... Ya know the postpartum stuff that lingers on for years after having your first child. Well, I have had three chillin's and my extra weight...well, it needs to skit-daddle soon).

But that is not what I am here to share.....I am sharing about the fact that Rosi and I were models. Yes, you read it. Models. Watch out Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss!
The little Lil'Daisy Rosi and I were honored to help out a friend with her home business of baby carriers. Frogmama!

I purchased a sling through her and I had it custom made. AND...I love it! So, I am completely supportive of her business because I believe in her products and her business etiquette--outstanding!

We had a great time posing in all the new carriers! Fun. So, now you need to go check out her website and see if you can find my cute little Rosi! And, you just might find something too cute to hold your wee baby or not so wee toddler in too!
Oh, and a fun note: the baby carrier that I am holding Rosi in is called "Bella" ---how quaint is that?

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  1. Hi Bella! Maybe you don´t know what means "Bella" in Spanish, well, your name means "beautiful, pretty" And really Rosie and you are so so "Bellas"
    The pictures are so cutes and sweets.


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