Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We soaked in the sunshine

So... I realized that I wrote this post a few weeks ago and forgot to post it. I suppose it is better late than never.

We soaked in the sunshine this weekend. Not really.
As much of blue skies and sunshine we could get, we soaked up. Otherwise, the remainder of the time we had to spend in doors away from the the thick lung hazardous smoke!
I spent most of Friday and Saturday doing catch-up laundry. However, we filled in lots of family time together. Friday we went down to another town about an hour away to shop at Trader Joes and then party it up at a friends house. There was some water play for the kiddos and YUMMY food for all! We decided not to stay for the fireworks as little bug was getting very tired and so were we. We had an hour drive ahead of us and did not want to drive it in the dark with all them crazy people after a fireworks display.
Lydia had special time with Papa running errands. They bought a new rake, beans and eggplant from the Farmers market, and a psychedelic rainbow plug cover. They also brought home some books and movies from the Library! Lydia loves the Library.
We all went swimming at this very cool swim place with a park in the middle of the water. My two fearless daughters were fish for two hours and then turned to water prunes. Little Rosi enjoyed the water at first (this was her first real experience swimming) and then she fell asleep. Basically, she hummed herself to sleep on me in the water. She was so cute. But, don't worry she was covered with her hat and her bathing suit and lots of lotion. I actually sat in the water with her under the lifeguard station, because they have an umbrella that shaded the water! Smart mommy I am!
Then Sophia and I had a date time. We went out to eat at Taco bell together and then out for some shopping! Shoe shopping! We had a great time and I will have to share more about that in another post.
So, when not in the sun...the girls played contently with their toys inside and of course, they watched one of the new DVDs that Lydia checked out from the Library...Barbie, of Swan Lake. They then danced all around the house pretending it was a big "show"! Cute, clever, girls!

So.....there you have our lovely weekend. Delightful!

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