Saturday, July 05, 2008

Strike A Pose

We have been without a camera for over a month or so. I can't really remember. But, I miss having one. AND...I am so excited that our new camera will be arriving next week! Hooray. (Thank you family fans of Lil Daisies!)

I think I have lacked in blogging a bit because I have not had a camera. I wanted to blog about something, but I didn't because I did not have a camera to capture the moment. I know. I know. I could write about something without having to post a pic, but most of the time what I wanted to share had usually something to do with an event I wanted to show you with pic or movie too.

It has been hard not having a camera to capture all our life cherishing moments.

We had birthdays, anniversaries, firsts...
1> Lydia had her first haircut
2> Rosi had her first swim
3> Girls swim lessons

And of course there were just fun/funny moments that I really wanted to grab my camera and shoot. There will be many more moments coming up when my camera is here and I hope to capture it then and share.

So, now you just have to read this lame post about my complaining about not having a camera, but not really complaining, but rather excited about getting a new camera to share with you all future up-coming extravaganza at Lil Daisies.

That previous run-on sentence probably did not make a bit of sense.

Ah well. Maybe you get the point.

And, now I leave you with not a pic.


  1. Well I feel bad ... because we have an extra one, and we'd intended on loaning it, but I guess we didn't. So glad you guys will have one again. I can't imagine a week without!

  2. You crack me up girl! I needed to smile. Thanks...


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