Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reality Check

Conversation with my darling husband and I today. He is blessed with wisdom of words, especially towards me. I so needed these words today.

I am a BIT stressed with this messy house, though. It is very frustrating for me that I can't do much with my injured shoulder and that we are expecting company TO-MORROW and the house is utterly a disaster. I really want to sob about it. AND, then...there is LYDIA... to everything....defiant about it all....and who cares what Mommy has to one ear and quickly and swiftly out the other ear.
I am drowning.
At least she is going Poo poo on the toilet
There is a praise!
I just can't figure out what the Lord is wanting to teach me through all of this....because I am sure that I am not doing a good job of listening to Him and understanding what he wants from me....because I am just lost in this sea of utter mess.
Do you think that the Lord is more interested in a clean house or a clean heart? Do you think that the Lord can use trials to draw us into a more intimate-holy-dependent relationship with Him. Do you think that the Lord can/is using this time to break you down so that you can be built up in Him?
I think it is hard for me to see past all of it...All I see is what is in front of me...and I feel that if it was clean and organized, then maybe I could be able to settle down and have intimate time with the Lord
The problem is that we come to the conclusion that everything would be okay if our circumstances changed. We put the problem on something apart/outside of us. The Lord's desire is that we worship Him regardless of any particular circumstance or situation.
In fact He requires that we worship only Him because of our circumstances
If we are not worshiping Him then we are holding something up to be more important than Him.
When we are ruled by our circumstances, then we are worshiping a created thing rather than the Creator.

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