Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lydia: 3 Fun Years

It is hard to believe that 3 years ago today I was in the hospital cradling you, my new 7.8 pound infant. You had sweet round cheeks and cute little button nose. When I first met you, you cooed a sweet little sound and from that moment I met you, I knew you would have a profound impact on my life!

Your spirited and energetic personality is teaching me to be more patient, more patient than I ever thought I could become. Your self determination came early in life and you have kept me on my toes ever since. There is never a dull moment in my day with you. You are always into something, climbing on somethings, creating something, tearing up somethings, spilling something, writing on something, figuring out something, peeing on something (other than the toilet)...

Your lack of responding to typical discipline tactics is teaching me to continually think of new ways to teach you and help you to grow to be a little sweet young lady. I am learning to be more creative and flexible.

You tend to march to the beat of your own little drum (Stripping down naked at the YMCA in front of about 20 other little tots and not caring what people think).... is teaching me to be a little bit more open minded, less critical and less judgmental and most of all laughing more.
You have a silly sense of humor and I am learning to pick out more of those quirky times and enjoy laughing more.

However, through these daily adventures with you, I love your sweet and gentle smile. Yes, I wonder sometimes how I am ever going to survive your journey into adulthood, but the Lord has bestowed his continual tender mercies upon me and I am so thankful that he has blessed me with you!

Somethings you like:

---To Scream or growl while you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Jesus Loves Me

---Watch all the SHREK movies

---Stand on the swing while Papa pushes you high in the air

---Get "coffee" (hot cocoa) with Mommy

---Not wearing clothes

---Dogs! Any kind of chase after them when you see them.

---Giggle with Rosi

---Pour your water or juice into your food

---Cooking! You love to make bread with Papa and cook anything with Mama!

---Taking Baths! You could take three a day if you could.



---The Library

---Cleaning the Dishes and spraying the windows

---"Uppy" (You word for wanting us to pick you up and hold you)

---Fruit snacks

I love you my sweet Lydia! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Yahoooo! Out of the terrible two's. I hope it makes a difference for you like it has me.


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