Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Van Mommy

I must confess that I like to do funny things while I am driving. Since, I have to drive a marooney van, I might as well live it up as a Mommy Van Driver. Right?

Remember this?
And, sometimes I may not do crazy stuff, but I may think it!

Well, today I thought I would share with you another one of my quirks that I like to do while driving. It actually happens to involve an officer of the law & some thumpin' music!

How many of you notice the coppers sitting in their cars on the side lines trying to be inconspicuous and ready to just race after you if they could get the chance?
Well, most of the time I tend to notice their inconspicuous cars and I slow a down a little bit....and.... is what I do:

I pretend (sometimes I am really doing this and not pretending) to sing dramatically out loud with hand motions and charismatic expressions. Usually, I pretend (or not pretend) it to be some sort of jolly children song. (I think I may even look like those two characters on Wayne's World)!

Most of the time we actually do have music playing loudly and we do sing. And, I don't just do it when there is a parked copper, I also do when a copper pulls up next to me at a light signal. This is even more exciting, because sometimes we have to be next to each other for awhile. I think it is funny because those coppers always just look so serious and they need a good laugh. And, even if they don't chuckle a least I think it is funny!

I guess I am hoping they see just a "happy-van-mommy" driving along and singing with her children....enthusiastically!

Tell me, Do you have an strange car quirks?

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