Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thumpin' Mini-Van Mama!

I am driving back from an appointment and as I am currently stopped at light signal, a black Suburban pulls up next to me thumping. Yes, thumping. Thumping some rap song, noise. I am not fond of rap (sorry to offend those rapstas of you out there) but, I would consider it noise. In my car (mini-van), the girls and I were listening to worship music. So, as we were waiting for the light to turn green, and being vibrated from the Suburban's loud noise next to us....I did what any Mom in a mini-van would do. I turned up my bass and the volume to the song playing on our cool mini-van stereo "Hallelujah, He reigns" ! We were now thumping for the Lord! Funny thing....the guy driving the Suburban looks over at me. All, I could do was smile and bang my head in a rockin' sort of way! And guess what? He smiled back! I must be a cool mini-van thumpin' Mama!

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