Friday, May 16, 2008

These are a few of my favorite

Now that you have the Sound of Music song in your head of favorites. Let me share just two of my favorites with you tonight. I will share some more with you in another post. I am actually just wanting to get in a post and get into relaxing to watch LOST!

Whitaker Blogs take spotlight on Lil'Daisies
The only HO, (Carlos Whitaker), I would be the least bit, tad bit jealous of....look at his stats, is a fun read, especially his Throwin' Rocks at Your BooDaddy series--hilarious! But, I have to say I enjoy reading his wife blog even more (sorry, but true). She has some great family night themes that have motivated me to get back into doing with our family. It has been quite awhile since having the baby. And, Heather has had some spectacular ideas! Oh, BY THE WAY...the both Whitakers have left me comments one time that just made me smile..okay scream out loud ---woo hoo ( a celebrity blogger taking a peek over into my world! How can you not scream? Awesome)

Okay, well this is just a random post to boost up Carlos' self esteem and also hoping he just might link me back some love. But, who knows maybe it may make a great series on the Lil'Daisies Blog. I could feature a few of my favo-blogs every once in awhile. What say you? Ya curious as to what I read?

Go check it out and enjoy some entertaining read. I will be here planning my next family night while watching an episode of LOST (so addicting...even more so than blogging).

Have a great weekend y'all!

Do you have a favorite blog you enjoy reading? (besides mine!---ha)

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