Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was in the other room cleaning the kitchen while the girls played in the living room. Worship music playing, girls singing and chattering, Rosalia bouncing....these were the delightful sounds I would hear.
I walked into the room to peek in on their adventures....only to find sweet Rosalia like this.
Arrg! Pirate Hippy-ish Jungle Baby!
She was bouncing quite contently in her bouncy seat dressed in this black hankerchief and yellow crocheted blanket. Sophia had managed to wrap her head up with the black hankerchief and place the blanket upon her. Rosalia was loving to be a part of the girls imagination play. I was amazed by Sophia's talent for wrapping Rosalia's head like so. I truly love the imagination of my girls. I love that they play dress-up, house, babies, friends, sweet, so girly!


  1. Susie Mimi9:42 PM

    So Cute! Love that smile! Can I come play too?

  2. hahaha! So funny! I love little kids...I just want to squeeze her cheeks...I love when the kiddos play together...even when they end up like that...or especially when they end up like that!


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