Monday, May 19, 2008

Personality --complimentary

I would have this little buddy over to my house more often...if I could, daily. He just exudes compliments from his lips constantly. I am starting to believe that my house is a castle of extraordinary beauty, even with all the dust, dirt, hand grime, and cobwebs that live here too.
He pays such wonderful, nice, beautiful compliments to anything and everything at my house. Even my outhouse! Well, I had the priviledge to have the little buddy over to my house today.
A conversation from A___ as he goes into the bathroom "outhouse".

A__ (without taking a breath recites):
Wow, what a nice bathroom! Ohps, Did you see that? Toots. I have them.
Oh, look at that BE-U-Tiful butterfly on the picture. Ophs, Did you see? I have the sniffs. Can you get me a kleenex?

Here A__, here is a tissue.
Oh, that is a paper towel? No, it is a tissue.
Oh yes, I use that for when I go Poo Poos to wipe my bott-um.

(Getting up on the stool to wash hands) Oh, WOW. Look at all these mirrors. Look AT ME! I look so nice. That is just so nice.
Lydia: I made them.
A___: Ah, yes you did. That is nice Lydia. Let's all clap for Lydia. (Clapping) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Lydia!! (Hugs Lydia) Ah, Lydia You so Cute!
Ah, A____ YOU are so cute and you are welcome for a pick-me-up visit anytime to my castle!

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I was between tasks at work when this came up. I tried to read it to my coworker and had to stop at least three times because I was laughing so hard tears were coming from my eyes.

    I'm so glad that he brings as much joy to others' lives as he does to ours.

    And now I know why you were so quick to encourage everyone to clap for me on my last entry :)


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