Monday, March 31, 2008

sauteed cod with creamed corn and summer succotash

Tonight I made this. Now, I am never one to follow a recipe exactly, unless it is baking, because usually if you don't do exact measurements than it can really mess it up. I am creative with my cooking. I like to experiment, alter, adjust, add this and that to my meals.

I made the creamed corn portion of this recipe in my Vita mix. I took frozen white corn (because that is what I had) and I thawed the kernels and then placed them into the Vita-mix with a little bit of salt, one crushed garlic, and some whipping cream ( I just eye-balled it: probably about 1/4 cup). Then I mixed it on high until it was smooth and creamy. It turned out delicious.

Succotash: I used Lima beans instead of Fava beans. I am sure you could use Edamame beans in this dish too. I chopped up some organic tomatoes and fresh flat-leaf parsely and put that into the bowl with the beans and some white corn kernels too. I drizzled some garlic infused olive oil (actually, I placed some olive oil and 3 garlic cloves into my Vita-mix and mixed on high for a minute to do a quick infusion of garlic) onto my Succotash mix. Salt and pepper. Yum!

Grilled the Cod with some of that "infused garlic oil" , salt and pepper.

The dish was fresh, creamy, and satisfying. I made some Trader Joes Brown Rice Medley to accompany the dish. It was delicious.

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