Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lil' Lives in February....what happened here.

Sophia's first day of school in February. Yes, February. We had been homeschooling up until the end of January when the teacher (me) could no longer handle it all. Adjusting to having a newborn third daughter just was too much for me too coordinate on my plate. I became frustrated and worn thin. I felt guilty that I was not spending proper time with Sophia and school. School became inconsistent and not a fun time for either of us. We ended up putting Sophia into a charter school. We have no income to send her to a private school. The Charter School is a school of visual and performing arts. We have a friend from our church who is a teacher there and the school is quite like a private school. Sophia loves it and is doing well. The first day I was an emotional mess. When I picked Sophia up from school, I asked her about her day.
"Momma, I was a little scared and nervous at first. But, then I was fine and it was fabulous! Hey, and Mom, they have music everyday and guess what? We are going to have a performance! And..."
(Obviously, there was no problem for Sophia adjusting. She was fabulous! Love that word--especially when my daughter uses it.) Happy Learning Sophia!

Lil' Miss Lydia also benefited from the change in school. Lydia was thrown aside as a middle child. I was either attending to Rosalia or attempting to teach Sophia school that Lydia was just reaching for attention from me. She now loves our special time together. It has been a blessing for both of us. As February came, there was rain and wind. But, soon the Mr. Sun came out and teased us to play. With much delight, Lydia went outside to play. And, of course she thinks since there is sun, it must be warm too. So, why not take off clothes and play in rain water? Here she is enjoying her little dip in the icky rain water filled lady bug.

And, sweet little Rosalia! She is my precious baby. I can't believe she turned 3 months old. Her eyes light up when she sees anyone. She has "melt my heart" smiles that I just soak up every time she does. She is also beginning to share her sweet voice with us too. She loves to sing!

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings....


  1. So glad school is "fabulous" for Sophia!!

  2. Susie Mimi12:30 AM

    What BEAUTIFUL girls! God made them SO SPECIAL! and UNIQUE!
    Love,Hugs,Kisses& Pats!


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