Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another novel from Sophia

Here is another tale from my imaginative daughter Sophia. These are her words ---all I did was dictate them for her. I am pretty amazed of her storytelling. After reading this, you could deduce that there is even some spiritual meaning in there somewhere. Enjoy!


Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince and a lovely princess in their loveliest castle. The princess was dancing everywhere. The prince was dancing too. Then a wicked witch came. The prince had to go to work and collect money. The wicked witch put a magic spell on the princess. She fell asleep. When the prince returned, he found the wicked witch and dropped all the money and ran away. Then the wicked witch stole all the money. The handsome prince returned when the wicked witch left. The prince kissed the princess and the princess awoke and they began dancing once again. But, the handsome prince went to find the witch and found her sleeping. And he grabbed all the money. The princess ran after the prince. The witch woke up and she saw the prince. She throwed him inside the dungeon. The princess ran and with her mighty muscles and she pushed her. The wicked witch got a poison apple and stuffed it into the princess's mouth. And, then stuck the princess in the dungeon too. But then a Mighty Armor, opened the gate and he rode and killed the wicked witch. He let out the princess and prince and kissed them. They all ran out of the dungeon and ran into their castle and started dancing. The End.

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