Saturday, December 29, 2007

Recapturing --New Years Fun

Kelli from There is No Place like Home wrote a blog about recapturing the past year of blogging. I loved the idea and thought I would join in too.
Here is a peek from my past year of blogging. You should join in too.
Post the first sentence of your first blog post of each month. You can also add a favorite picture or two from each month.

~January ~

How was your New Years Eve celebrations?

Remember Targirl?

Lydia and her love of reading!

This week at our home: Rest

Our 2nd Annual Couples Valentines Party

From the encouragement of my friend...reminding me that my,"blog has not been updated in awhile...and wondering what everything okay with you?"

Sweet Grammie Mae ---with the Lord in Heaven March 15th

I love contests and I love games:
However, I am not "one of those" people that seem to win everything


A few days ago I had the honorable duty of attending Jury Duty!

Spring Girls!

Do we remember the NUK?
Bye Bye NUK!

Very simple this week.

Garden goodness

Happy 2nd Birthday Lydia
She had a doggy birthday

So, your Mama and Grandmama always told you "Eat your crust, it is the best part". Of course, you always believe your Mama, right?


The Lil' Daisies peeking over the fence at our neighbors. What snoops!

It's a GIRL! Rosalia!

I watched this on 20/20 about the most frugal family in America.

Sophia our ballerina girl.

I think I have been "nesting" since this baby has been conceived! But now... I am really really really "nesting".

Happy 5th Birthday Sophia.
She had a Tweety Bird Birthday

Yesterday I went to have my day at the Spa. Let's just say I would dream of having that done every night before I go to bed.

Happy "Birth" Day Rosalia Mae! We welcome you!
You are a blessing!

By having a newborn, two young girls, and a wonderfully hungry husband, I have been blessed by friends and church family giving us yummy bountiful meals.

Christmas Baking

Rosalia is one month old!


  1. Whay a beautiful year you have had!! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl this year too :) Have a wonderful 2008!!

  2. Loved this, all the photos are just too sweet.

    Congratulations on the baby, she's beautiful :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. What a great year you have had! Congrats on the new babe!!

  4. Thank you so much for joining in the fun! I enjoyed all of your pictures, you have a beautiful family!
    Happy New Year!


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