Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Menu Plan December 3rd

By having a newborn, two young girls, and a wonderfully hungry husband, I have been blessed by friends and church family giving us yummy bountiful meals. This is truly a blessing beyond measure...especially now, when I am adapting to having three children, postpartum stuff, etc.

This week I am not placing much in way of menu as we are being fed these wonderful meals. So, my previous menu plans are being a little reorganized and some of those frozen meals I previously made will serve us good in January when we will need them most.

I am placing about three meals that will be quick fixes when there are those nights that we are not having anyone bringing us food.

We are enjoying this Advent season greatly. Read my other posts to catch up on some of the things we are celebrating in our home.

It has been raining here today...and the mood was perfect for a soup tonight. This is what we had...Harvest Creamy Corn Choup. Delicious. I previously made it and froze it a month ago. My mom defrosted it and warmed up the yummy soup and she also made her famous homemade bisquits (delicious!) ....and we had full bellies tonight. Note: I used a veggie bacon instead of real bacon. I also used some soy milk in place of regular milk and cream.

After girls were put to bed, I enjoyed a bath in solitude and had time to think and pray. I needed that. Now, I am clean, refreshed, and relaxed. However, I think I am going to get this posted and enjoy some hot cider! Would anyone care to join me?

  1. Pasta: Pesto Chicken w/ Angel Hair Pasta (Green Salad, beets)
  2. Italian: Polenta w/ roasted Red Pepper Sauce (Green Salad, broccoli)
  3. Soup: Potato Cheddar Soup w/rosemary breadsticks

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  1. how blessed you are!! what a delicious meal plan too.


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