Friday, November 30, 2007

Friends Come to Visit

We have been blessed to have friends come and visit us. I should mention they are not just any "friends" but, very special friends. My sister Kristin, from Germany, came to see our new little bundle and of course visit with all of us. I love being with her.
Just a wishin' and hopein' and prayin' that one day we will live a lot closer to one another. Germany is just too far away! I miss being with her so much! It has been a fun visit with her and her little son Jannik.

Here are two beauties! Kristin and Rosalia
And sweet little German boy....Jannik! I love this little guy. He is such a cutie! Big ol' eyes and adorable smile!

I couldn't resist to include a sweet little picture of Rosalia....just a little over a week old. Love her!

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  1. How wonderful that Kristin could come visit. Oh....I miss seeing Rosalia already. See is so beautiful!
    Grandma wants to hold her baby :)

  2. How wonderful that special friends came over for a visit! What sweet little ones too!



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