Monday, November 05, 2007

Spleepy Monday Menu November 5th

I have become one of Snow White's little peeps. Right now I am relating myself most to the little dwarf named Sleepy. Thankfully, I am not Grumpy....but rather just really Sleepy.

Sleepy am I ... therefore, I am Sleepy.

Hi-ho Hi-ho it is off to bed I go....

If you are wondering why----then go HERE to find out why I have become Sleepy.

FOR FUN: Check out the seven essentials to setting a table. I thought it to have some good tips.

Now....for my Menu of the week (of which I am very late in posting because I am Sleepy.)

WEEK THREE of Ten Meals planned
Baking: Pie
  1. Pasta: Penne & Marinara (Frozen Corn)
  2. BOCA Burgers & French Fries ((Peaches, Salad)
  3. Baked Potato Bar
  4. Mexican:(Tacos)Whole Beans, Homemade Tortillas, Rice, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Shredded Cheese
  5. Soup: Beet & Cabbage Borsht w/ potato pancakes
  6. Brown Rice Jambalya
  7. Pizza

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