Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Beautiful Day ---reflections

It was a beautiful day. I am thankful.
The weather was warm and perfect.
With a few bouts of postpartum blues --- I am quickly surrounded by God's love and peace.

He has blessed us immensely this past month. As my DH lost his job a few weeks ago....we were faced with no income, limited budget, a mortgage to pay, mouths to feed.....but in the midst of these circumstances, God is good and faithful.

He has provided us with all that we need. People have generously given of their time and money to us. He has carried us through. Both DH and I are in awe everyday of His Amazing Love!
We have been given yummy meals, money from friends and anonymous people, but most of all we have felt the prayers of friends surrounding us.

So, today as I napped with my precious little girl next to me, I stared out of our bedroom window on to God's beauty outside and pondered about all these things. All I could do was to be drawn into prayer and thankfulness.

I am consumed with Peace.

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