Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Update on the week!

So... here is how I'm doing so far this week!
Must Do:
  • Unpacked! Laundry about done (for now...isn't it always endless?)
  • Working on Blessed Home Notebook... a project in progress (at least started!)
  • Potty Training?---Ugh! I need lots of prayers with this one. She LOVES to wash hands and do her business on the floor than sit on the potty....but, we are SLOWLY getting there!
Yesterday (Tuesday) was a hard day! I had a melt down day. I didn't do devotions that day and I truly believed it affected my day! Sticking with God and having that reflective time truly uplifts the soul. Today we have Worship music playing and we are praising God. A much better day!

Zone Cleaning:
My front porch is swept. Woo hoo!

Train them up:
I think tomorrow we will be doing some "Little Chef" time by making cookies!!!

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