Friday, August 10, 2007

Projects! Projects! Projects! Mission Completed....

...many of you have been wondering where Lil' Daisies has been? We have been busy! We went out of town for a couple of weeks and had much fun with friends and family. I will post more about that later! But, we have also been busy with some of those projects and goals I had been telling you about! I am excited to show you results and cross off some of those items on my list!

Note: My Camera doesn't take the greatest pictures. Well, maybe I don't take the greatest pictures. The pictures do not show my project as the really appear.

Welcome to the Lil' Daisies Homeschool Room (Area):

This is where the girls' crafts used to be stored. As you can see quite the mess!

Our Weather and Calendar Area

And now where our craft and school supplies are stored! It is much neater and organized!

1 comment:

  1. It's obvious that you have been working hard! Great job. The homeschool area looks very inviting. Can I come to school to?


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