Monday, July 16, 2007

Simple Pleasures

The girls are in bed asleep. Papa is out riding his mountain bike with friends. I have some soft music playing in the background. I am enjoying a moment of peace and relaxation. I just may have to top it off with a bubble bath! Oh, the pleasures of simple wholesome goodness!

These beautiful berries became.....

A Homemade Strawberry Pie

With some freshly brewed French Press Coffee

Some French Vanilla Ice-cream (it would be even better if it were homemade)

A yummy smelling lit candle and a book!

I am peaceful! Thank you Lord for these Simple Pleasures!
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  1. That was some GOOOOOOOD pie! Thanks for serving me a sliver. Y'all sure are hospitable.

  2. Y'all come back, y'hear?


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