Wednesday, July 18, 2007


This morning was quiet in the house---for a few moments anyway. It is of rainy weather here today (a nice break from the HOT weather in the previous weeks) and I am savoring the day. I laid a long time in my bed staring out the window watching the rain. The sliding door was open and I could not only see the rain, but smell it and hear it! It was so peaceful. I love---really love the smell and sound of rain.
I received my Above Rubies magazine yesterday, so I spent sometime reading that and some of my other books. I was in my pajamas until about 10am today. Oh, what bliss!
I figured that I worked myself hard yesterday on my many projects ( I had swollen ankles at the end of the day), that I so deserved a slow relaxing morning. Yes I did! I deserved it!
Of course, the quiet slow morning only lasts so long. My Lil' Daisies awoke early (6:30am) and were eager to eat and start their days. Thankfully, they entertained each other playing with dolls for awhile and eating some snacks.
Well, now it is time to exit out of my dream world and head back into the reality of mommyhood and wifeyhood (if those were words) and get busy. However, I think I may stick my head outside a few times today to just sniff. I can never get too much smell of the cleansing beauty....

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