Saturday, June 09, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things..

Here are some things that I lovin' at the end of Spring heading into Summer:

Daisies & Lavender in my front yard! They are so perrrty! I will post a picture soon.

Ice-cream sandwiches -- I bought some for a party for the kids and I have been savoring and enjoying the leftovers. This has been my new craving and treat! Yummo!

Cooking with my girls: I found a recipe to make ice-cream sandwiches in Family Magazine that I get every month in the mail. I also like to let Sophia pick a recipe from one of her cookbooks and we get the ingredients to make it!

Sandals -- it is all I wear in the spring and summer.... these sandals are comfortable and these sandals are cute...I want to get them!

Lotion -- I love the smell of this one in the summer!

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