Thursday, June 07, 2007


Most likely my entries will be random for awhile. I have been traveling quite a bit lately and I am very tired taboot! So, when I even think about blogging, my pillow out wins every time! Hope you will still stop by every so often and check in...

I want to share a little bit about my darling doodlebug Sophia today.

I love words. I love to listen to my creative mind daughter pretend playing in the car as we drive. Today she brought a pet bear with her in the car. For awhile, she was making a conversation with herself (or rather her pretend friends) by speaking aloud all the voices of her friends. She was all parts of a play.
Then suddenly, she said to me, "Mama, the bear is sick"
Mama: Oh, no! What are you going to do?
Sophia: Oh, don't worry mom, I brought eighty-nine one hundred fifty bags with me. They have blankets, medicine, First-Aid Kat (yes, "Kat"), and Boo-Boo bags too!

Sophia had her last day of Preschool last week. She loved preschool and I think it was hard for her to say goodbye. But, she went around to every person there and gave hugs and told them Bye. She was so sweet. She loved her teacher Ms. Theresa too! Ms. Theresa did a tremendous job with welcoming her mid-year after a big change with her other preschool. So, below are some sweet pics of Sophia and some of her preschool days.

Sophia, Ms. Theresa, Ethan

Sophia & Friend Ethan

Sophia (on the end in light yellow) as a "little skeeter"
This was her preschool skit night.

Sophia playing Duck,Duck, Goose!

Sophia on the run.....

Sophia cutting across the middle. What a clever sneek.
She was the only to do this...

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